Beard Oil

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Moisturising beard oil using organic and natural ingredients.


Moisturising beard oil using organic and natural ingredients. Helps soothe dry and irritated skin whilst being very effective against beard ruff! Fabulous woody aroma with Sandalwood and Cedarwood essential oils. 10ml blue bottle.

1 review for Beard Oil

  1. Danny

    Stumbling across a new gem of a product is often the best route to discovery. With more and more men deciding to take up the challenge and grow a beard it has never been more important to single out specific products that shine amongst the rest. Sure, there is a myriad of beard products on the market and in particular beard oil, from small independents through to mainstream brands. The main issue with most of them is that they miss the trick when it comes to truly natural ingredients. Bluebells have chosen what I think is the best natural base oils for their beard oil. Cedarwood is the best base note in beard oils because it tames acne and itchiness, as well as treats certain skin conditions. Mixed with Sandalwood, an astringent with anti-inflammatory properties the blend is perfect. The oils are quite delicate on the beard with little to no greasy residue that some brands often present. The fragrance is enough on its own but understated enough that it won’t class with your aftershave. The texture of both beard and skin is a delight. Soft smooth and surprisingly light to touch. Another notable feature is how such a little goes a long way. Just two or three tiny drops coated my beard (a 10 months and growing monster) with a perfect even coverage. Other oils I have used have required a small puddle to get the same result. All in all I would give bluebells beard oil a five star rating and highly recommend to any fellow beard grower at any stage of growth. The difference to both skin and beard is instantly rewarding.

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