Samantha Paradine – Reiki Master and Teacher

I am delighted to welcome Samantha Paradine to Bluebells, a wonderful lady whom I’ve known for many years.

Samantha is an experienced Reiki Practitioner and teacher of over 10 years who is able to offer energy healing treatments and guidance in the traditional Japanese and western Usui Technique.

“Reiki” is Japanese for Universal Life Force energy and is a non invasive natural complimentary therapy for healing.

Reiki is offered to the client whilst the practitioner is attuned to the energy Vibration of Reiki and it is channelled through the palms of the hands and received by the client into their Energy field.

During a treatment clients are offered a comfortable couch to lay on and relax whilst the healing energy is directed to flow into the energy centres (Chakras) and Auric field.

Ultimately, Reiki energy works holistically and seeks to restore balance and harmony throughout your Body, Mind and Spirit promoting better emotional and physical health.

Reiki for Samantha has been a life changing tool enabling her to find inner balance, focus and purpose. It is a simple practice that can offer deeper insight into the process of healing Dis – Ease through the bodies natural ability to self heal.

Reiki Principles ~just for today.. do not anger…

                             Just for today do not worry…

                             feel gratitude, be honest in your dealings with people,

                             be compassionate towards yourself and others.

Sam Paradine – credentials
Level1 Reiki -2009
Level2 Reiki -2010
ReikiDrum Practitioner- 2012
Reiki Master Teacher 2014
Complementary Therapy NVQ Level3&4 Teaching
Karuna Reiki Level1&2  -May 2014
Sound Healing Gong Practitioner- June 2016

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