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The most valuable assets to any business are the people. Investing in your employees is important especially when recruiting costs can be a hugely expensive exercise. Once you have that fabulous team, you want to hold on to them. After all, you have employed them for their skills and abilities to complete tasks quickly and to a high standard, maintaining the success of your company. Investing in wellness at work activities ensures less stress for your employees with more productivity, plus less time off work with stress-related illnesses.

It makes sense, therefore, to invest in these people and whilst this might include such things as training etc. there are times when investing in people’s well-being is just as important too – and corporate massage could be one of those investments.

It is a very real issue for both the employee and the employer. On one hand, you recognise someone as being stressed, but an employer can either choose to ignore it, or meet it head on.

Prevention as we know, is better than cure.

Contact us now to see how office-based massage from Bluebells can benefit you and your business.


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Did you know that as many as 23% of workers in the UK suffer from fatigue with one in four suffering from work-related stress? It is reported that 70% of all sick leave within the UK is attributed to stress. This is estimated to cost UK businesses between £3.7-£7 billion per year. In addition, the second most common cause for absenteeism are skeletal and muscular problems – together they add up to a further 12.3 million working days lost annually.



On-site massage has been clinically proven to reduce stress along with reducing staff absences and just 15 minutes of massage can:

  • Improve performance, productivity and mental alertness
  • Reduce back, head, neck and shoulder pain
  • Help improve musculoskeletal structure and function
  • Increases blood and lymph flow along with circulation, releasing muscular tension
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Reduce mental fogginess and decreased energy
  • Help to reduce repetitive injuries i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome and keep the body injury free
  • Reduce sickness absence and staff turnover
  • Give the recipient an all-round feeling of emotional health and balance
  • Improve your corporate reputation and office morale.

More and more companies throughout the UK are offering work-based massage therapies and they have discovered the benefits of wellness in the workplace. Whether fully funded, part-funded or not funded at all, massage is proven as a way to attract and keep employees. After all, you are looking after them and showing you care by allowing them to have just 15 minutes of massage time a week/fortnightly or monthly in addition to their usual breaks. It is a benefit that doesn’t cost a lot of money but gains good will from employees.

"Very good massage, felt very relaxed, Nicki was lovely, was chatty and friendly...lovely touch with the freebie (candle) ."

Silvia - LighterLife, Harlow


About the treatment

The massage therapy is performed with employees fully clothed and without oils, sitting on a massage chair - this also relaxes the legs as the weight of the body is being held securely by the chair. This seated treatment is limited to the neck shoulders, upper back, lower back and arms with techniques used for the general purpose of relaxation along with tapotement, effleurage, petrissage, passive stretching and joint mobilisation. If required, the massage can take place at their desk but will be more beneficial and relaxing if a small office space/meeting room can be used.

Massage can also take place on a massage couch with the client removing certain parts of clothing so a specific blend of oils can be used for the back, neck, shoulders, back of legs, front of legs, feet, arms/hands, face/head. This is especially beneficial for those who have muscular knots and tension. Complete discretion is used at all times with the use of towels and a screen. A small space/meeting area will be required.

Other treatments available include:

  • Reflexology
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Leg Massage
  • Hand/Arm Massage
  • Grief and Bereavement Counselling
  • Naturopathic Nutrition

All equipment is provided and all therapists are fully qualified and insured with many years of experience. Discretion is used at all times with towels and a portable screen.


Simple and easy to arrange

The real benefits of chair/couch massage at work are beyond solely what the recipient feels. For the business, there are some real benefits too:

  • All equipment is provided
  • Highly qualified and experienced therapists
  • Dates and times booked in the diary so cover can be provided if necessary
  • Just a small space is required
  • Affordable
  • Performed on site so no time lost for employees to leave or return
  • Keep your employees happy and motivated.

Once the date is arranged, we will send you forms to hand to your employees to complete prior to their treatment. This consists of general health information required to ascertain any specific health conditions that could contraindicate a treatment taking place. All information given is in strictest confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

You will also receive a calendar form that will need to be completed thus ensuring limited distraction for you on the day.

We will arrive 30 minutes prior to the first treatment taking place to set up.

A happy workforce is one of the most productive and massage is not seen as a luxury anymore but more a necessity. We look forward to working with you!



£20 per 15 minute treatment
£35 per 30 minute treatment
£65 per 60 minute treatment


Morning – Office Massage

Afternoon – Office Massage

Day – Office Massage

All prices exclude travel - priced at 25p per mile.

Payment must be made on day of treatment with a £100 deposit paid at time of booking to secure your treatment date/time. This is non-refundable if cancelled within a week of your booking.
All major credit cards accepted - invoice will be supplied.
Please note: Minimum of 4 bookings per day required unless booking a morning, afternoon or full day.

For more information on ensuring your employees are relaxed and revitalised, call Bluebells on: 01279 865801/07947 813553, email: info@bluebellsbynicki.com or complete our enquiry form on the Enquire Tab


Regularly asked questions...

Are the treatments offered for men and women?

Yes, absolutely! Although historically it has usually been women that go for these treatments, our therapies are split 50/50 for men and women now. Men are really seeing the benefits of massage therapy and appreciate how good it is for their well-being too.

Do I need to take my clothes off?

It is entirely up to you. You can have a chair-based massage where all clothing remains with no oils used or you can choose to have a couch-based treatment where items of clothing are removed. Complete discretion is used at all times and no part of the body is exposed that is not being massaged.

Can I listen to music while having the massage?

If a room is used, we will bring along relaxing music to play quietly in the background.

I have really tense legs, can these be massaged or is it just back?

Of course, you don't have to have a back massage, you can have your legs (back, front or both) massaged.

I have a verucca, can I still have reflexology or a foot massage?

Yes you can, however we would insist on a small plaster to cover that area.

I'd like an Indian Head Massage but don't want my hair messed up, do you have to use oils?

No, we don't have to use oils when doing an Indian Head Massage - you may need to bring a brush/comb for your hair though!

I've been told to drink water after a massage, is it necessary?

Yes, it is advisable for you to drink water following your massage treatment to ensure hydration. Massaging muscles gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads towards your kidneys (hence a lot of people need to go the toilet following a treatment).

I'm allergic to nuts and wheat, can I still have massage with oils?

Yes, we don't use any oils that contain nuts or wheatgerm. We use our own oils that are completely free of any nuts or wheat. Organic essential oils can be used too.

Sometimes I fall asleep when having a treatment, is this ok?

Of course, this is your time and if you wish to fall asleep that's absolutely fine!

Why do I need to complete a health questionnaire prior to treatment?

It is essential that we need some details from you so we know if there are any specific medical conditions that we may need to deal with i.e. epilepsy (we would ensure we use the correct oils if doing an aromatherapy massage as some oils have contraindications) or low blood pressure (ensuring you take the time to get up slowly from the couch). All information supplied is strictly confidential but is essential for your benefit.

The office that will be used is glass-fronted and I don't want people seeing me have a massage.

That is no problem at all, we have a 6-panel black screen that can be used - the treatment will be completely private.

If I make a booking and then need to cancel at the last minute, will that be a problem?

No, that is fine as long as we are informed. Your £100 deposit paid to secure your time slot will not be refundable if not cancelled within 7 days of treatment date but can of course be transferable to another day/time.

If you use oils, will they stain my clothes?

No, the oils and wax used will not stain clothing and we will ensure that any residue oil is removed with towels.

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us directly via email to: info@bluebellsbynicki.com

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