Want to make your own bath bombs?

I was thinking of making some new bath bombs this weekend (they are great for incorporating into gift sets including hand cream, soaps, candles etc.) and then I thought that maybe you would like to make some yourself (may be a good activity with your children especially coming to the end of the summer holidays).

You can make all different types of bath bombs in all shapes and sizes, they can fizz, foam or simply nourish the skin. So here’s how.

lavender-bath-bombsYou will need the following equipment:

A large mixing bowl, suitable moulds to shape your bath bombs (if you don’t want to go and buy anything special, you could try a flexible ice cube tray), kitchen scales plus a spray bottle containing clean, cold water.

You will need the following ingredients:

300g Bicarbonate of soda

100g Citric acid

10ml Fragrance of essential oils of your choice (please do check with a qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils – lavender is safe to use and relaxing too!)

Few drops of colouring (most food colouring is safe and cheap to use)

Bath bombs are very easy to put together but bear in mind that if you or your child has a cut or scratch, the citric acid could sting so you may wish to use gloves.

  1. Sieve and mix together the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid
  2. Add a few drops of colouring to get your required shade of colour
  3. Add your fragrance or essential oil and mix well (please note that some citrus oils may cause the mixture to fix slightly)
  4. Carefully spray the mixture with a little water – you need to do this with small amounts gradually as you only need to use enough to start holding the mixture together
  5. Once the mixture is ready, you will need to work quite quickly with it to stop it setting. If you are using double moulds (to create a ball) then fill each half and squeeze together. Carefully remove the moulds and leave to set for 20 minutes. If using an ice cube mould or similar, then just push the mixture into the moulds and then leave to set.
  6. If you remove them and they are still a little soft, then put them back in the mould for a little longer to set more.

Your bath bombs are now ready to use! To keep your bath bombs in a good condition it is probably best to keep them in a sealed container at room temperature until you wish to display or use them!

You can also add sparkles, herbs, flowers to the bath bombs at the time of pressing the mixture into the mould. Use them for yourself or wrap them up in pretty paper/cellophane with ribbon to give as a gift! Happy Making.

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