Wooden Wick Candles


Long burn time with soya waxI was looking for a candle to burn in my treatment room that didn’t make my asthma bad (it’s great for the client to feel lovely and relaxed following a treatment but not so good if the therapist has to reach out for her Ventolin inhaler halfway though!) I couldn’t find one! So, after lots of experimenting, wasted money, disastrous wax spillages in my kitchen, I finally cracked it!

My candles come in all sorts of colours and scents (I’m happy to make a specific colour for you if you wish) – my favourite for the treatment room is green tea and lemongrass. The wooden wick and pure soya wax enables the candle to crackle away in the background and is lovely and calming to listen to. They are made in round glass jars complete with a rubber suction lid so great for pressies for people too. Plus you don’t get wax spilled everywhere when the candle burns down. Take a look!

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  • We have a vanilla wooden wick candle in our living room and we absolutely love it, especially the crackling sound in the evening 🙂 x


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